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Hello my name is Antonio Zúñiga, was born on September 13, 1978 in East Los Angeles. My parents are Mexican, and I also consider myself 100% Mexican, because from an early age my parents instilled in me the Mexican culture, took me to meet Jalisco, where I spent some time in my childhood. From an early age I fell in love with Mexican music. Most of my family has ever had the pleasure of singing ranchera music at our parties and family gatherings.

At eight years old my father Francisco Zúñiga bought me a guitar and taught me my first three chords, G, C and re. My dad told me, “Look, this is played ranchera …. tun, ta, ta ta ta tun …” My love for my guitar was so great that I was sleeping with her.

I thank my mother Elia Zúñiga, who supported me in my desire to learn music. The first time I heard a mariachi playing, I knew I wanted to do. After hearing the Son of Gavilancillo, I decided I wanted to play the vihuela.

It was always my dream to become part of the Mariachi Sol de Mexico. Today my dream has become a reality and I enjoy every moment being part of this great mariachi. I thank Mr. Jose Hernandez for giving me this opportunity. And finally I want to thank God for always with me and watch my steps in this profession.