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Bring joy and excitement to your next occasion with a lively mariachi performance!

Mariachi Sol de México® de Jóse Hernàndez bring music to audiences from their very force of life. With passionate zeal, they move their audiences with grace and power.

Performances can be designed for a variety of venues. Contact us for performance reservations at (626) 279-1700.

Select the performance style below best suited for your group. Sol de México® will cherish the opportunity to delight you with our melodic mariachi sound.

Performance Formats:

The Passion of Mariachi

This performance style is a tribute to the passionate history of mariachi music and its composers—Jóse Alfredo Jimenez, Agustin Lara, and Tomas Mendez, to name a few. Your attendees will enjoy this spectacular performance by the nation’s premier Mariachi Sol de México® accompanied by the colorful ballet Folklorico.

El Origen del Mariachi Sol de México®

Celebrate tradition with the Hernàndez family in this performance style that commemorates 125 years of music in the world of mariachi.

Sinfonía Mexicana

An exciting performance of symphonic mariachi music, Sol de México® and the symphony orchestra offer your audiences a vibrant, cultural program with a Pop series flair. All the music performed is arranged and orchestrated by Maestro Jóse Hernàndez. Songs include Guadalajara, El Aguacero and many other Mexican favorites.

As the only known Concerto for mariachi, Pasión Mexicana, composed by Jóse Hernàndez and Jeff Nevin offers a sensitive, rich, classical styling aimed to incite the listener’s innermost passions. This surreal, intense, yet soothing composition will engage and excite mariachi lovers.

A Christmas Extravaganza

Enhance your holiday season with a Merry-Achi Christmas. Sol de México® presents a colorful celebration of México’s Christmas traditions with a special tribute to the states of Veracruz, Yucatan, and Jalisco. Experience the traditional posadas and pastorelas of México through this delightful collection of joyful music and dance.

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